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Educational Programs

As active teachers, the members of Duo Esplanade enjoy sharing their experiences in variety of musical aspects. Ranging topics from individual and chamber music masterclasses, career skills, composition workshops and performance anxiety strategies, the duo aims to help young musicians to achieve their dreams. We can customize a residency to fit your ideals and bring them to reality. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our initiatives.

Individual Masterclasses

The members of Duo Esplanade offer individual masterclasses to help students to discover their strengths and weaknesses, develop efficient ways of practicing, find their personal expression and improve stage presence to give highly engaging performances.

Chamber Music Coaching

Duo Esplanade offers chamber music masterclasses to aspiring musicians. This session helps ensembles and individuals to diagnose the technical and musical difficulties, improving rehearsal techniques, managing time, communicating effectively and creating a unified interpretation.

Starting a Music Career

Having performed in Europe, Asia and United States, Duo Esplanade members share their experiences on organization, communication, artistic projects, marketing strategies, self-management, budget planning and fundraising ideas.

Composition Workshop

Often performing new music as soloists and chamber musicians, the ensemble shares the extended techniques of flute and clarinet, demonstrates some of the existing contemporary works, reads and discusses student compositions or sketches.

Performance Anxiety

Ayca Cetin offers a presentation about the root causes and solutions of performance anxiety. The relationship between the mental training and body awareness is emphasized in this session. This can be offered either in a lecture format or a masterclass.

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